We obtain asked by our consumers all the time what’s the difference between a dual beam light bulb and also a single beam light bulb. Do I require a dual beam LED if I have a dual beam halogen?

In this message, we’re going to answer all those questions. When you’re trying to pick the right light bulb for your application, a lot of times it comes up which sort of bulb a single beam or dual beam. The most vital point to bear in mind is the h4 led bulb manufacturers single beam or dual beam is referring to the number of filaments are inside your light bulb, not the headlights.

This front lights housing makes use of a dual beam light bulb, this headlight housing uses 2 single headlight bulbs.

  • I know that’s kind of confusing the single beam headlight has 2 light bulbs, the dual beam of light has one light bulb.
  • Currently if we go to a H7 light bulb, one of the most typical single beam, low light beam bulbs.
  • Even though it takes 2 light bulbs, this is a single beam housing due to the fact that each light bulb creates one light beam: reduced beam of light or high beam of light.